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Corn snake terrarium size requirements are a little more spacious than the average snake because they can be very active. And because they are terrestrial, floor space is more important than vertical space. However, placing a corn snake in too large of a terrarium can actually be . Corn snake vivarium size. The next stage of your corn snake vivarium setup is choosing the right size vivarium. Since corn snakes aren’t very active reptiles, they don’t need a large enclosure. They’ll have as much space as they need in a medium-sized vivarium.

Too small a vivarium can limit your corn snake’s movement, while too large an enclosure can make it feel stressed. Follow our guidelines to make sure you choose the right size tank for your corn snake. What size tank does a corn snake need? Corn snakes need a medium-sized enclosure. Nov 24, 2017 · Corn snake setup, vivarium, heating, UV and substrate advice. By Pete Hawkins The Corn Snake 'Pantherophis guttatus' is a colubridea species, native to North America. This species is often the “choice” snake for any new snake keeper due to its placid and docile nature.

Corn Snake Vivariums. A range of terrestrial wooden vivariums. Ideal for housing corn snakes. High quality flat packed wooden furniture. A wide range of brands and sizes. Fast delivery available using a next day courier service. Adult Corn Snake and Similar Snakes Minimum Vivarium Size. Adult Corn snakes, Milk snakes, King snakes and Rat snakes under 1.5 meters require a wooden vivarium approx. 1m x 40 cm x 40 cm. Snakes larger than 1.5 meters require a wooden vivarium that is large enough that when the measurements of length and width are added together it is greater than the length of your snake.

Oct 25, 2018 · This means that an adult corn snake will need a vivarium of up to 20 gallons. You could do a little bigger, but remember that snakes fear wide, open spaces due to the threat of predators. If you are going to place your reptile in a large tank, fill it up. If your snake has plenty of Author: Lou Carter. How To Choose And Care For A Corn Snake; The minimum size enclosure for a single adult corn snake should have the dimensions of a standard 20-gallon long aquarium—12 inches wide, 30 inches long and 12 inches tall. Avoid anything that would require electrical cords inside the vivarium.