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Welcome to TBI Residential and Community Services on the web! If you are interested in our services please check out the information about our company and take a peek at some of our homes. Nestled in residential neighborhoods across New Jersey, our Community Living Residences—some of which are offered under the REM New Jersey name—provide 24/7 staff support, expert clinical services, and opportunities for individual growth. Comfort and Care for Every Individual.

Group homes – in which individuals share a home with no more than three other residents and receive services from staff who are on-site 24 hours a day. Supervised apartments – in which an individual lives alone or with a roommate in an apartment that is leased or owned by a provider agency, which also employs staff that is available to. Through our Adult Residential Program and its many options, we provide people with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities the home and support they need to fully realize that hope. For decades, Bancroft has been a leader in offering a variety of residential options in New Jersey.

Group Home living is available to adults with disabilities in need of 24-hour support. For more information, call (888) 832-8247 or e-mail [email protected] Oak Hill provides group home living as well as supported apartment living. Apartments and group homes are located in areas that provide easy access to the community. Private community residential program, owned or leased by the provider, serving persons with traumatic brain injury, providing comprehensive integrated habilitation services and supports which may include assessment, physical therapy, counseling, and life skills development, which includes group homes, supervised apartments or supported living.