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Our names are Chelsea & Natalia and we're newly engaged! We've been together for a little over 3 and a half years now and life is only getting better and bet. Jul 08, 2012 · Strip party goes down on Big Brother 9. OK, last night the strip party got ruined, but tonight, the strip party is definitely happening, as Chelsia and Natalie are preparing their makeup and outfits, and Josh is putting on some sort of man thong made of candy that Adam pulled out of his secret bag, with no explanation of why he carries a candy man thong around in his bag of tricks.Author: Mr. Reality.

Natalie Portman has had a long and illustriously depraved career in heathen Hollywood. Of course throughout the years Natalie has performed on film in so many memorably perverse sex scenes that it was inevitable that some would not make it into her films, and . Transsensual - Natalie Mars - Strip-A-Gram Nurse - Tattooed cutie Ruckus is at home studying when he gets a surprise visit by brunette TS Babe Natalie Mars, who is a strip-a-gram nurse!

Feb 24, 2008 · 915pm BBT The houseguests getting ready to do a strip show on the live feeds..Chelsia, Natalie and Josh. It's going to be a strip contest..the other HGs are making fake money, and who ever wins the strip off gets a full body massage from all the houseguests. The women are doing their hair and putting makeup on themselves and Josh. Natalie Portman portrays a smart-mouthed slut stripper in this scene from the movie “Closer”. Obviously this scene did not require much “acting” for Natalie Portman, because in real life she is constantly flaunting her ass and flapping her man pleaser. It is clear that what Natalie Portman needs in .