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The icon seen here is a copy dating to the seventeenth century. The authority attributed to the Virgin of Vladimir came not only from its ostensible provenance, but also through its association with a number of miracles. On more than one occasion, the icon was credited with protecting Russia in battles against formidable enemies. Detail, Unknown artist, Our Lady of Vladimir, first third of the 12 th century, tempera on wood. Hall Museum Church of St Nicholas, Moscow. The Virgin of Vladimir, or Vladimirskaya, icon is well-known, and beloved by many who know nothing of its history. Yet the scarred and worn surface testifies to a long history, but not one of neglect.

The icon appeared to Yuri's son, Prince Andrei Yurievich Dolgoruky, directing him to take the icon to the city Vladimir-on-Klyazma. With great devotion the icon was installed in the Church of the Dormition performing many great miracles. There the icon became known "Vladimir Mother of God". The icon before you is known as the ‘Virgin of Vladimir’, or ‘Our Lady of Tenderness’. It is one of the most venerated of all Russian icons, and was painted – or rather ‘written’ – by an anonymous Greek artist at the beginning of the twelfth century.

The original orthodox icon of the Most Holy Theotokos of "Vladimir".Copy of an iIcon of 12 century, Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. The icon of Theotokos of Vladimir also known as Our Lady of Vladimir, Vladimir Mother of God, or Virgin of Vladimir and "The Vladimir Madonna" - is one of the most venerated Orthodox icons and a typical example of Eleusa Byzantine iconography. The original Virgin of Vladimir Icon, written in about 1137, is the oldest surviving icon brought from Byzantium to Russia. It has endured numerous disasters. When the Cathedral where it was housed was burnt by Muslim Tatars in 1237, the image was badly damaged, although the .

This small metal icon mounted as a pendant depicts a painted image of the Virgin of Vladimir. This representation of the Mary holding the infant Jesus to her cheek dates to the 12th century and has been highly venerated by Russian Orthodox Christians ever since. The Russian Orthodox faith arrived in. Shop for VIRGIN OF VLADIMIR ICON WITH CRYSTALS at EWTNReligiousCatalogue.com. Religious books, artwork and holy reminders. Free shipping for onlines .