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Arguments for and against gay adoption. FOR Gay Adoption: AGAINST Gay Adoption: 1 – EQUAL RIGHTS MEANS JUST THAT. Civilized societies do not discriminate on grounds of race, creed, gender or sexuality, yet the denial of equal rights to gay couples is clear discrimination. Gay and heterosexual couples deserve the same legal rights to adopt. The arguments against same sex couple adoptions fall into two categories: The principle opposition to gay adoption is that children are entitled to their biological parents who are of the.

No. Opposing gay adoption preserves traditional family as ideal for child-rearing. Just as married couples receive tax benefits and unmarried mothers may suffer cuts in welfare, legal prohibition of adoption by gays is a natural step towards this ideal. As a gay and lesbian adoption friendly agency, LifeLong Adoptions believes in LGBT adoption, and specializes in assisting LGBT couples and individuals. Our philosophy is based on one-on-one guidance, providing adoptive parents with an adoption specialist to guide you through the process.

Mar 07, 2012 · Reasons for and against adoption as written by an adoptee. IT’S NOT FOR EVERYONE. One would think since I have had nothing but positive results from adoption that I would be a complete flag-waving advocate for adoption but that simply is not the case.Reviews: 38. Jun 30, 2017 · During her election campaign in 2013, Merkel said she was "not sure" about the effects of gay adoption on children. However, at a public forum hosted by Author: The Week UK.

LGBT Adoption Statistics. Of the 594,000 same-sex couple households in the United States, 115,000 have children. Some people say that children need both a mother and a father to raise them, but there are many others who believe that gender does not matter when parenting. In some situations, the child may be the biological child of one of the parents. This situation can occur when the parent divorces or the parent's spouse dies, and the parent has a change in sexual preferences and finds a partner of the same sex. While there are traditional arguments against gay adoption, there are also pros of gay adoption.

Jul 02, 2003 · Since gay adoption deviates from that, it should be banned. The exceptions I would make to a ban on gay adoption would involve instances when gay .