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Kauai Beach Scoop – Nude Beaches ; Nudity is illegal at beaches in Kauai, according to state park regulations. That’s the official position of the State of Hawaii, however, as is often the case, nothing is that simple. The fact is that there are beaches that are well known as “nude”, “topless” or “clothing-optional” in Kauai. Access to the beach is via a path through an old sugar cane field on private property. Not too long ago, Donkey Beach was known as one of Kauai's best nude beaches, but once a mainland developer took ownership of the beach, security guards were hired to enforce a .

Dec 23, 2013 · Honestly, Kauai is well worth the trip for all the reasons I have mentioned, but with a nude beach like Secret Beach (also know as Kauapea Beach), the island is the perfect place for a couple’s first clothing optional experience. It is laid back, not crowded and a natural wonder that can not be enjoyed simply by visiting for 15 minutes. The black sands of Puna district’s Kehena Beach, also known as “Dolphin Beach,” are stunning, and its tucked away, remote locale — surrounded by a screen of cliff and trees — renders the nude sunbather free! Just be aware of the big waves and dangerous currents. Find a Secluded Slice of Beach on Kauai. KAUAPEA BEACH, Kauai.

Simple non-lewd non-sexual nudity is not illegal on Hawaii beaches except at designaed STATE PARK beaches, which are few in number in Hawaii. Example on Kauai are Kalalau and Haena K'ee) at the end of the road. Many people persist in propagating this false information either deliberately as they are opposed to beaach nudity on religious grounds or they simply are unaware of the laws and court. This beach in Kilauea on Kauai's north shore has been the traditional straight nude beach of Kauai for a very long time as mentioned above. It has been named in various Kauai guides and in Baxandalls' World Guide to Nude Beaches and Recreation as a nude beach for years. Secret Beach Photo Courtesy Of Viking Photography.

Aug 30, 2018 · Answer 1 of 88: My wife and I are going to be in Kauai October 18-21st and we are wondering if there are any nude beaches here? I have read online that Larsen's might be the only one. We usually visit Maui and go to Little Beach which is amazing but wanted to. Sep 03, 2015 · Little Beach Maui. Donkey Beach, located in Kauai, is not a beach that you can see from the road.It is well hidden and the access is made from a cane field, which is now on a private property. The previous owners allowed the access to the beach, but the new ones hired security guards to protect the beach from those in search of nude sunbathing.

Nude Sunbathing Secret beach has a reputation of being one of Kauai’s nude and clothing optional beaches, although it’s rare to see more than a couple people without clothing. This has now become Kauai’s premier nude beach, although Kauai County authorities sometimes attempt to enforce the nudity ban (posting notices). One of the best snorkeling destinations on Kauai, especially during the summer months when the ocean is at its calmest. Running two miles long from Hanalei Colony Resort to Haena Beach Park, this North Shore beach is famous for its huge half moon-shaped reef located just 1/8-mile offshore.