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To qualify as a certified escort driver, you must. be 21 years old or older have a valid New York State driver license or valid license in the state or jurisdiction in which you are a resident 2; pass the Escort Driver's Certification Test How do I get certified as an escort vehicle driver? To get your escort vehicle driver certification. The program includes instruction in safe and effective escort skills, an examination that documents course comprehension, and a system of recognizing drivers certified by this or another state. General requirements are that an escort driver must be one of the following: Certified by .

The Arizona Trucking Association offers Escort Vehicle Operator training and certification, issues the recognized certification cards and maintains the database of certified operators that is accessible to enforcement officers and companies hiring pilot car services. Certification is valid for four (4) years. vehicle uniformity can now be established with the utilization of the Certified Escort Manual. An understanding of the provisions ofthis manual is an essential requirement for certification as an escort driver and it is recommended that the manual be kept in the escort vehicle as a reference.

Pilot/escort operations are administered by various agencies and this, too, varies from State-to-State. Some States do not allow cargo vans or panel trucks to be used as escort vehicles because the driver cannot see in all directions (360 degrees) when driving these vehicles. (P/EVOs should be certified in CPR and basic first aid. VEHICLE ESCORT DRIVER APPLICATION dmv.ny.gov M F oo Note: To become a certified vehicle escort driver, you MUST: l Have a valid driver license l Pay a $40 fee l Present proof of ID l Be at least 21 years old l Pass a written exam (as listed on ID-44) Note.